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We make fire safety more interesting and attractive
so that more lives and homes are saved.

Making fire safety more interesting since 2009

We make life safer through beautifully designed fire safety products that people desire to include in their everyday life.

Our products spark positive conversations about fire safety. This ensures the equipment and people are ready in case of an emergency.


Jalo Helsinki in numbers

500 000+

Homes secured


Saved lives based on statistics


Countries products are sold

Jarkko Epäilys, CEO

“Making technology beautiful and desirable makes us unique. I wish to develop safety items that you desire to include in your everyday life”

Mikko Järvenpää, CCO

“It is said that that for every 10.000 smoke alarms one life is saved. I am proud to work for company that has already saved 50 lives!. Doing that beautifully feels even better.”

Quality Construction

We care deeply about the quality of our products.
Our team of engineers and experts are striving for exceptional performance and quality.
Our products are proudly built from the finest materials and components with highest quality standards.
The solid safety is a combination of fine design and latest technology.

The story behind

The journey of Jalo Helsinki began in 2009 when the founders looked up at a smoke alarm in the ceiling and wondered why they are so ugly. They quickly realized that no company had dared to take on the challenge of making fire safety interesting and attractive.

Uninspiring design is not a small problem. It causes people to constantly ignore fire safety in their homes, leaving fire safety equipment to gather dust in closets. This leads to people and equipment being unprepared in an emergency situation. The result of this neglect can be devastating and heartbreaking.



Jalo is an old Finnish name that means “noble” and would have, for example, been given to a well-loved guard dog. Also, precious metal in Finnish is “jalometalli”. All of this represents our approach to getting people interested in using design to save lives and homes.