Smoke detectors mandatory in the Netherlands – Everything you need to know

Smoke detectors mandatory in the Netherlands – Everything you need to know

Smoke detectors are becoming mandatory in the Netherlands starting on July 1, 2022. We have gathered all the important information that you need to be fully prepared for the change. Keep reading to find out what, why, how, when and where! 


Smoke detectors in the Netherlands have been mandatory in new houses since 2003 but with the new addition to the law, a smoke detector is becoming mandatory in all homes regardless of the age of the home. New homes have to come at least with one smoke detector in them. There is time to react to this amendment until July 1st, 2022. That gives everyone a good time to prepare for the changes. Because smoke detectors undeniably save lives, the best thing to do is to take the necessary measures as soon as possible. 

Installing a smoke detector varies by brand but is usually fairly easy, regardless of the type. There are few important things to consider before installing a smoke detector. Smoke detectors must always be installed to the ceiling. It is important to check where in the ceiling the detector should be located. Places not to install the detector are nearby ventilation windows, air-source heat pumps and corners of the room. In the case of a fire, an air pocket is often formed in the corner between the wall and the roof. Smoke cannot enter there so if the smoke detector is in that spot, it will not alarm soon enough. A good spot for a smoke detector is usually in the center of the ceiling and the room. The distance between a smoke detector and possible obstacles should be at least 50 centimeters. 

Due to regulations all floors of a house must be equipped with a smoke detector. Enclosed spaces through which an escape route passes must also be equipped with a smoke detector. It is recommended to get a high quality, long lasting smoke detector.

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  • Smoke Detectors are becoming mandatory in all homes in the Netherlands starting on July 1st, 2022.

  • There needs to be at least one smoke detector installed in each floor and also one per enclosed space which an escape route passes.

  • Everyone is self responsible to take care of the purchasing and installation of the smoke detectors by July 1st, 2022. 

  • Smoke detectors have to be installed always on the ceiling.

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