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Hoida kesämökin paloturvallisuus kuntoon

Kesällä suuri osa suomalaisista suuntaa hellettä pakoon mökille. Kesämökeillä viihdytään useimmiten muutamasta viikonlopusta muutamaan kuukauteen, ja lopun ajan vuodesta ne ovat tyhjillään. Silti, ja nimenomaan siitä syystä, mökin paloturvallisuuteen kannattaa kiinnittää huomiota. Lue alta, miten hoidat kesämökin paloturvallisuuden kuntoon.

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Why is your smoke alarm beeping randomly

Why is your smoke alarm beeping randomly? How and when to change the batteries on your smoke alarm? Keep reading to see our answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to smoke alarms and fire safety!

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How to increase the fire safety of your home?

Are you looking to increase your home’s fire safety? In most cases, house fires are ignited as a result of negligence. Faulty electrical appliances, forgotten stove or oven and an unattended fireplace are considered to be the biggest fire hazards. Most house fires could be avoided by taking a few preventive actions. Here are our tips on how to increase the fire safety of your home:

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Installing and maintaining smoke alarms

Taking care of your property’s fire safety should be one of the top priorities of a homeowner. Perhaps you’ve already done your research and purchased smoke alarms for your home (and if not, our post ‘What kind of smoke alarm should you buy?’ is a great place to start!) but aren’t sure where and how […]

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Fire Safety in European Countries

Properly installed smoke detectors save lives, and that may be the main reason why smoke detectors are mandatory at residential housing in many European countries. Today in Europe smoke detectors are mandatory at homes in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, The United Kingdom, France, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Germany and in the Netherlands.

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What kind of smoke alarm should you buy?

Due to smoke detectors becoming mandatory in the Netherlands in 2022, there is many things you should take into consideration. There is a lot that goes into choosing the right alarm system — after all, doing your background work well will improve the safety of your home and family in the future. Here is what we recommend you consider when buying a smoke alarm: