Fire Blanket


Jalo Helsinki fire blanket is safe, easy to use, and also, the only fire blanket on the market that has been beautifully designed.

• New effective silicon coating

• Suitable also for personal protection when escaping from a burning building

• Fast installation with the included 3M adhesive tape

• Size 120 X 180 cm

• Complies with the standard: EN 1869:1997, applicable in all EU countries


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Additional information

Fast installation with the included 3M adhesive tape
Includes the mounting screw and the hanger
Suitable also for personal protection when escaping from a burning building
Acrylic coating
Jalo Helsinki fire blankets are coated with acrylic material increasing their performance in extinguishing the fire.
The fire blankets are designed by the most famous designers from Finland.
Quick install
The packaging contains everything you need for installing. The wall mounting screw can be installed with 3M tape or with a screw.
Jalo Helsinki fire blankets comply with the European standard for fire blankets EN 1869:1997 and can be used in all EU countries.

The size of the fire blanket is 120 cm x 180 cm (47" x 71")

The new era of fire blankets

The new Fire Blanket with acrylic coating extinguishes fire better than before.

Jalo Helsinki fire blankets are made from acrylic coated glass fibre. The new acrylic coated material is proven to be more effective than ordinary glass fibre. In addition to the proven performance, all Jalo Helsinki fire blankets comply with the european standard for fire blankets en 1869:1997.

Acrylic coating makes the blanket more airtight, which helps in smothering the fire more effective than before yet the blanket is approximately 40% lighter compared to an ordinary fire blanket.

kitchen fire blanket


Frequently asked questions

Placing battery operated smoke alarms in your house is widely recommend. In some countries a wired smoke alarm, connected to a power source, is required in new buildings. Please check from your local authorities, which kind of smoke alarm is needed in case you live in a new building. Please note that it is recommend to change the smoke alarm in every 10 years. Our Kupu and Lento smoke alarms are equipped with 10-year battery, so they will last their entire recommend lifetime.

Requirements vary country-to-country. Please check the requirements from your local fire safety officials. Our suggestion is based on Finnish official requirements. You should place one smoke alarm per starting 60 square meters per a floor. In addition, we recommend placing smoke alarms also in the sleeping rooms.

Our smoke alarms are approved for use in all European Union countries and UK. In order to be sold for consumers smoke alarms have to earn a certification from an independent laboratory for compliance with CE EN 140604 standard. So, all our smoke alarm models are manufactured according to the CE EN 14604 standard and reviewed by third party inspectors.

ToF-fireblanket-sammutuspeite-couverture anti-feu-on-wall
fireblanket-sammutuspeite-couverture anti-feu-on-the-wall
beautiful fire blanket
fireblanket-sammutuspeite-couverture anti-feu-wall

Additional information

Weight 0.97 kg
Dimensions 5 × 20 × 30 cm

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