Smoke alarm – Kupu 10


Kupu 10 by Harri Koskinen is a battery-powered smoke alarm intended for domestic use. Kupu 10 is an upgraded version of our classic Kupu Smoke alarm.

• Non-replaceable 10-year Lithium battery

• Completes your interior design in style

• Kupu has a unique textile surface making its appearance very smooth

• The entire front surface functions as a test button

• Fast installation with an adhesive tape

• Tested and certified in EU

• Mounting plate included

Dark Grey
Light Brown

Additional information

10 year mounted Lithium battery.
Automatic power activation upon installation.
Fast installation with 3M double sided tape or with mounting screws.
Entire surface functions as a test button.
Silent function.
Smoke sensing
Jalo Helsinki smoke alarms operate with optical smoke detection technology. Optical or photoelectric detection is the most modern, most common and most reliable technology used in the smoke alarms.
Alarm sound
When the alarm detects smoke, it signals it with a loud and continuous warning sound of more than 85 decibels. The smoke alarm also has a false alarm silence function.
Jalo smoke alarms are equipped with a self diagnostic function that checks itself at regular intervals to ensure proper operation of the device throughout its life.

The smoke alarm has a warranty of 5 years.
Tested and certified in EU (EN14604:2005, EN14604:2005/AC:2008)


The size of the smoke alarm: 110 mm — 110 mm — 41 mm

Quick installation

No need for additional tools - Easy installation that only takes a minute. Remove the protective tape, press the smoke alarm to the ceiling and you are ready. If it is not possible to install with the tape, there are also mounting screws for installation included.


No more battery changes

Generally the smoke alarms are recommended to change in every 10 years. In the new Kupu 10 and Lento 10 there is no need to change the batteries within the recommended lifetime.

Jalo Helsinki Smoke alarms are tested and certified in EU.

Designed by Harri Koskinen

With Kupu 10 you can complete your interior design in style or have it as an eye-catching safety detail on the ceiling. Kupu has a unique textile surface making its appearance very smooth. Kupu 10 is available in five fabric covers, now also in white. Other colour options being Dark Grey, Yellow, Turquoise, and Light Brown. Also Chrome -plated version is available.


Kupu around the world

Kupu is already a true legend - and has travelled to thousands of homes around the globe.

Frequently asked questions

Placing battery operated smoke alarms in your house is widely recommend. In some countries a wired smoke alarm, connected to a power source, is required in new buildings. Please check from your local authorities, which kind of smoke alarm is needed in case you live in a new building. Please note that it is recommend to change the smoke alarm in every 10 years. Our Kupu and Lento smoke alarms are equipped with 10-year battery, so they will last their entire recommend lifetime.

Requirements vary country-to-country. Please check the requirements from your local fire safety officials. Our suggestion is based on Finnish official requirements. You should place one smoke alarm per starting 60 square meters per a floor. In addition, we recommend placing smoke alarms also in the sleeping rooms.

Our smoke alarms are approved for use in all European Union countries and UK. In order to be sold for consumers smoke alarms have to earn a certification from an independent laboratory for compliance with CE EN 140604 standard. So, all our smoke alarm models are manufactured according to the CE EN 14604 standard and reviewed by third party inspectors.

Additional information

Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 5 × 10 × 25 cm

White, Dark Grey, Light Brown, Turquoise, Yellow, Chrome