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Changing batteries for Jalo Helsinki smoke alarm

With this guide you can easily change batteries to your Jalo Helsinki Original Smoke alarm. Please note that the guide is for the former model of Kupu and Lento smoke alarms. For the new Jalo Helsinki Kupu 10 and Lento 10 smoke alarms, you do not need to change batteries at all. If you are unsure which smoke alarm model you have, you can check out some help from here.

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battery change smoke alarm

1. Take smoke alarm on your hand

changing batteries to new ones

2. Turn the device counterclockwise

replacing batteries in smoke alarm

3. Take smoke alarm off the ceiling

installing batteries into a smoke alarm

4. Take batteries off the smoke alarm by turning it upside down or by fingers

installing batteries to smoke alarm

5. The smoke alarm contains 3 lithium batteries

installing batteries smoke alarm

6. Place new batteries into the battery casing

change batteries smoke alarm

7. Place the smoke alarm back to the ceiling and test it

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Please bear in mind that authorities recommend replacing all smoke alarms at least every 10 years. To make sure the smoke alarms are up to date and able to sense the smoke in case of a fire, replace your smoke alarms regularly. Please dispose the old smoke alarms in accordance with the official recommendations.

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