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Jalo Helsinki

Fire Blanket - Designer Series

Fire Blanket - Designer Series

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Jalo Helsinki fire blanket is safe, easy to use, and beautifully designed.

  • New effective silicone coating
  • Suitable also for personal protection when escaping from a burning building
  • Fast installation with the included 3M adhesive tape
  • Size 120 X 180 cm
  • Complies with the standard: EN 1869:2019, applicable in all European countries


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  • Features

    Pouch made of Tyvek, a very strong and light polymeric material that can express the graphics accurately.

    Includes the mounting screw and the hanger.
    Suitable also for personal protection when escaping from a burning building.
    Silicone coating.

  • Coating

    The actual fire blanket is coated with silicone to improve the performance in fire extinguishing and to make the blanket lighter, and thus easier to handle.

  • Design

    The fire blankets are designed by the most famous designers from Finland.

  • Quick install

    The packaging contains everything you need for installing. The wall mounting screw can be installed with 3M tape or with a screw.

  • Standard

    The fire blanket complies with the European standard for fire blankets EN 1869:1997 and can be used in all European countries and in other countries where the standard EN1869:1997 is applicable.

  • Size

    The size of the fire blanket is 120 cm x 180 cm (47" x 71")

kitchen fire blanket

The new era of fire blankets

The new Fire Blanket with silicone coating extinguishes fire better than before.

Jalo Helsinki fire blankets are made from silicone coated glass fibre. The new silicone coated material is proven to be more effective than ordinary glass fibre. In addition to the proven performance, all Jalo Helsinki fire blankets comply with the european standard for fire blankets en 1869:1997.

Silicone coating makes the blanket more airtight, which helps in smothering the fire more effective than before yet the blanket is approximately 40% lighter compared to an ordinary fire blanket.

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  • Harri Koskinen

    Harri Koskinen believes good design means finding ways to do things better than before. Cooperation with Jalo Helsinki started already with the smoke alarm Kupu, and has now expanded to a new product category. Alongside with Kupu, Alaska showcases the designer's simplistic Nordic style.

  • Erja Hirvi

    Erja Hirvi is a textile artist who believes in bringing beauty into people's lives. Green plants are close to her heart which can be seen from her works, including the Coral collection. For Erja Hirvi it is important to trust to one's own inner vision and love one's work, for her it is about putting a little bit of her soul to every creation.

Frequently asked questions

What are fire blankets?

Fire blankets are a useful fire safety product for every home and are recommended for installation, especially in kitchens. Their function is based on fire suppression. There is a European standard for fire blankets, EN1869:1997, to which Jalo Helsinki fire blankets also conform. We therefore recommend that you install a beautiful fire blanket in a visible place, for example in the kitchen, where it can be accessed quickly if necessary.

How many fire blankets do I need?

There is no precise figure for the number of fire blankets. In fact, we recommend that you have at least one fire blanket per potential source of fire in your home. Install a fire blanket in a visible location close to the potential source of the fire so that it can be quickly deployed if necessary.

How does silicone coating differ from others?

The silicone-coated blanket is more airtight than traditional fibreglass-only fire blankets. This makes fire suppression easier than ever before. In addition, the silicone-coated blanket is almost 40% lighter than a traditional fire blanket.