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Frequently asked questions

Smoke alarms Kupu 10 & Lento 10 with 10 year battery

Smoke alarm is beeping, how do I replace the batteries?

Please note that new Jalo Helsinki Kupu 10 and Lento 10 smoke alarms have a fixed, non-changeable, battery that is expected to last over 10 years. If your smoke alarm has replaceable batteries, it has to be Original -series model, either Kupu Original or Lento Original. in such a case, please check the instructions under the correct product heading.

If your Kupu 10 or Lento 10 product beeps, please check how it beeps:

- One small beep "once in a minute”?

- 3 small beeps ”once in a minute”? 

- Continual, louder alarm signal?

In the first case (one small beep once a minute), the beep is likely to be related to the battery getting empty, and it is time to change the product to a new one.

In the two other cases (3 small beeps once in a minute, and continual louder alarm signal) its is likely that some tiny dust particle or a small insect has gotten inside the smoke alarm smoke detection chamber, and the smoke alarm needs vacuum cleaning. Please check the vacuum cleaning instructions by clicking the product picture above, and then navigating to the correct instructions for the product.

What to do when the alarm gives short temporal beeps right after installation or after pressing the test surface?

Beeping should stop in 10 minutes. However, if the beeping doesn't stop in 10 minutes after installing the alarm, there could be something wrong. In this case please check the question 1 for smoke alarms Kupu 10 and Lento 10, and if the guidance given in there does not help, please contact the manufacturer/distributor in order to receive further guidance.

How to activate and install smoke alarm?

Please see this instruction video.
Further guidance:  In order to the smoke alarm to get power from the battery, the little "power switch button" sticking out of the rear cover MUST be pressed down. Normally this is done by turning the mounting plate far enough on the clockwise direction (i.e. until you hear/feel a few clicks that are created when the “ 4 rear cover hangers/brackets” are moving on the ridged area of the mounting plate. Please see the photo included in linked video on how far the mounting plate must be turned in order it to press down "the power switch button”.  Please also note that the last bit of turning may be a little difficult, so don’t stop turning when it gets a little hard - that is exactly the point where you have to turn a little bit more in order to activate the product. If you have not yet attached the mounting plate on the ceiling, you can also use e.g. screwdriver as a tool to aid the turning of the mounting plate (if it feels too tight): Place the screwdriver head on the screw hole, and use the screwdriver as a tool to get more power for the turning of the mounting plate.

Kupu Original & Lento Original smoke alarms with changeable batteries (3 x CR2450)(older model)

How do I know which smoke alarm mode I have?

If you need help identifying whether your Jalo smoke alarm is the Kupu - or Lento Original (with replaceable batteries, 3 x CR2450) or the new Kupu 10 or Lento 10 (with a fixed battery) see this page.

Smoke alarm is beeping, how do I replace the batteries?

If your Kupu - or Lento Original smoke alarm runs out of battery and is beeping, please have a look at this video or this page explaining how to replace the batteries. Kupu and Lento Original smoke alarms are equipped with 3 x CR2450 lithium button cell batteries. Please note that Jalo Helsinki's new 10-series alarm models do not have replaceable batteries.

What to do when the alarm gives short temporal beeps right after installation or after pressing the test surface?

Beeping should stop in 10 minutes. However, if the beeping doesn't stop in 10 minutes after installing the alarm there could be someting wrong. In this case please check the question (5.) for fault signal/low battery signal. If the guidance given in there does not help, contact the manufacturer/distributor in order to receive further guidance.

How do I detach my smoke alarm from the ceiling to replace the batteries?

When the mounting plate is installed on the ceiling with the screws, or with the 3M tape included, the actual smoke alarm containing the battery case can be detached from mounting plate by turning the smoke alarm counterclockwise first and then pulling it gently from the ceiling.

My Original-series smoke alarm indicates a fault signal or low battery signal. What to do?

Please check the following to find out the cause and the solution: when the “audible fault signal (short beep)” can be heard, can you also see the red led flashing at the same time?

If yes, there is a battery fault.

The battery fault can be caused by the following reasons: 

1. the battery connector at the bottom of the “battery compartment” may have become loose, and thus the batteries have no sufficient contact to the circuit.
Solution: To eliminate this potential cause, bend the bottom connector upwards so that it certainly has a good contact to the batteries.

2. Or the batteries are getting empty and it is time to change them to new ones.

IF the red led is flashing at a different time to the beep, it is likely that there is some dust inside the product smoke detection chamber.

Please vacuum the product from the grill with full vacuum power as instructed in the user manual.

My smoke alarm started to alarm without reason. Is it broken?

In case of false alarm it might be that some litter or dust has gotten inside the smoke alarm. You can take the alarm from the ceiling and carefully vacuum it with full power from the grill. If this action doesn't help, please contact the distributor/manufacturer.

Tape installation

Please see the instructions here

Smoke Alarm cleaning

Please see the instructions here

Screw installation

Please see the instructions here

How to detach the product from the mounting plate?

Please see the instructions here

Smoke Alarms in general

Are the wired versions of Jalo Helsinki smoke alarms coming onto the market soon?

The wired version is currently in progress, we will inform you in the website when it is available.

Is it possible to install battery operated smoke alarms into new-build houses?

In some countries there are requirements that the new build houses must have at least a certain number of hard-wired smoke alarms. Typically the requirement is to have 1 hard-wired smoke alarm per 60 sqm per floor. On top of these hard wired models, one can install additional battery operated smoke alarms into new-build houses to provide enhanced safety. Whether all the installed smoke alarms can be battery operated, please check from the fire safety officials in your country.

Where can I purchase Jalo Helsinki smoke alarms?

The easiest way to purchase Jalo products is through our webshop.

Can the smoke alarms be wall-mounted?

Both the authorities and we strongly recommend that the smoke alarms be placed in the middle of the ceiling, where they are at their best to detect the potential smoke in the room.

However, if you really want to install the smoke alarm on the wall, that can be done - just place the smoke alarm as high on the wall as possible. Also please bear in mind that wall installed smoke alarm will react slower to the smoke as the smoke density will first build-up on the ceiling, and only later will start building up lower - finally reaching the wall installed smoke alarm as well.

Why is there a red light blinking regularly in my smoke alarm? Can I take it off?

The light indicates correct functioning of the smoke alarm and currently it can not be turned off in Jalo smoke alarms. However, in 10 series models (Kupu 10 and Lento 10) the red light is blinking only once in every six minutes, and the light intensity is very low - especially in the Kupu 10 products where the light appears through both a plastic front cover and a fabric cover. Therefore, it is actually rather hard to notice the blinking, and we have received no information that the blinking in 10 -series smoke alarms would be bothering e.g. in the bedroom.

Frequently asked questions – Oiva extinguisher

What are the benefits of Oiva compared to traditional extinguishers?

Oiva has several benefits compared to regular and traditional extinguishers.

It is very effective on kitchen fires as it has been specifically designed to extinguish cooking oil fires, which are the most common fires in the kitchen. It is also applicable to small electrical appliance fires and wood fires.

Given its design and concept, Oiva effectively improves fire safety in households while it is kept close by and visible for the unexpected event that an extinguisher is ever needed. This significantly shortens the reaction time between noticing the fire and the start of of extinguishing.

Fire extinguishing agent is non-poisonous and it can be washed away with regular household cleaning methods. Some of the traditional extinguisher agents are poisonous and require a complete renovation of the kitchen if used.

It is maintenance free, i.e. no annual check- up by professionals is needed.

Oiva can be stored and transported with no risks, as it is not a pressurised product like traditional extinguishers. There is no risk of explosion due to transportation, shaking, changes of air pressure or high temperature.

When used, Oiva delivers the extinguishing agent out at a constant pressure from the beginning until the container is empty.

Oiva is light and it can be used in any position- even upside down.

Oiva can be transported in an airplane – changes in temperature and air pressure have no adverse effect.

Who is the designer of Jalo Oiva?

Oiva is designed by one of the most famous Finnish designers, Mr. Oiva Toikka. He is most famous for his class birds which he has designed at least 202pcs for Nuutajärvi and Iittala brands. These birds are collectors’ items all over the world. It was therefore quite natural that Oiva gets a design of a bird.

What is the fire extinguishing technology used in Oiva?

Fire extinguishing technology used in Oiva is developed and patented by a German company and it has been specifically developed for extinguishing cooking oil fires. The actual extinguishing agent is a chemical compound of organic salts, it is biodegradable, non-poisonous and environmentally friendly. Extinguishing agent is pressed out mechanically, so the product does not contain aerosols or other pressurised agents. The pressure in the bottle is 2 bars, i.e. at the same level as in e.g. a hair spray.

How does Oiva work?

When applied, the extinguishing agent of Oiva forms a thin film over the burning material and hence kills the fire. The agent is especially developed to extinguish cooking oil fires and it is biodegradable and non-poisonous. Therefore, after usage, all extinguishing agent marks or leftovers can be cleaned with normal household cleaning agents and disposed of with the household waste.

Does the product include any dangerous substances, or substances that are required to be reported on the product?

Oiva includes 1,2,3 Bentzotriazol, yet so little ( < 0,25%) that the EU legislation does not require any markings on the product. Jalo Helsinki has regardless decided to communicate this on the use instruction leaflet, which is attached to the bottom of the product.

What is the fire rating or the fire extinguishing power of Oiva?

Oiva complies with 25F/ 2A fire ratings. This means that the fire extinguishing power of Oiva is enough to extinguish 25 litres of burning cooking oil and 4 kg of burning wood. Additionally, it can be used safely to extinguish electrical systems up to 1000 V meaning all starting electrical appliances fires in homes can be extinguished with Oiva.

How can such a small extinguisher be so effective?

Unlike most other extinguishers, Oiva uses new and patented fire extinguishing technology, which is specifically developed for extinguishing cooking oil fires. The extinguishing agent forms a thin film over the burning substance thus killing the fire.

What is the extinguishing agent of Oiva?

The extinguishing agent of Oiva is a chemical compound of organic salts, it is biodegradable, non-poisonous and environmentally friendly.

Is the fire extinguishing agent poisonous?

No, the extinguishing agent is biodegradable, non-poisonous and environmentally friendly and it can be washed away with regular household cleaning agents after usage. Also the Oiva itself can be disposed of with normal household waste.

Where are ”obligatory fire extinguishers” required?

Requirement for obligatory fire extinguishers differ from country to country – please check local requirements from local authorities in order to make sure your organization is fully up to date on this question.

What is the expected lifetime of the product?

The product is granted a 5 year maintenance free usage time by the manufacturer of the technology and Jalo gives the product a regular 2 year guarantee.

Can Oiva be used several times until it is empty or can it only be used once?

The product can be used several times, but we recommend it to be disposed if it has been used and to purchase new one. This for the simple safety reason that it is impossible to know how much extinguishing agent is left if the product is used and no-one should come to a situation that one should need an extinguisher, but it runs empty because it is already partially used.

Can the bottle inside be replaced?

No, the bottle cannot be replaced and an empty product must be disposed of and replaced with a new one.


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