How to increase the fire safety of your home?

How to increase the fire safety of your home?

Are you looking to increase your home’s fire safety? In most cases, house fires are ignited as a result of negligence. Faulty electrical appliances, forgotten stove or oven and an unattended fireplace are considered to be the biggest fire hazards. Most house fires could be avoided by taking a few preventive actions. Here are our tips on how to increase the fire safety of your home:


Get a smoke alarm



Check your electrical appliances


  • Regularly check that the wiring and switches on your electrical appliances are intact and not in danger of breaking.
  • Avoid overloading your sockets.
  • Plug extension cords directly to the wall socket.
  • Place the appliances that heat up on use (i.e. lamps) away from combustible materials.


Take care of the safety of your stove and oven


  • Don’t store anything flammable on or near the stove or inside the oven.
  • Make sure children or pets can’t turn the stove or oven on even on accident.
  • Get a fire blanket and store it near the stove.


Make sure your fireplace is safe


  • Ensure that the safety distance around your fireplace is large enough.
  • Prevent sparks from escaping the fireplace with a safety net or hatch.
  • Have a professional sweep the chimney and check the flue regularly.


Handle candles properly


  • Never leave your lit candles unattended.
  • Make sure to place your candles on a non-flammable surface and from a safe distance away from anything flammable.


Teach your kids about fire safety


  • Make sure your kids understand what to do in case of a fire. Kids are sometimes inclined to hide in dangerous situations, so make sure they know to leave the house instead of hiding away. 
  • Tell them never to play with fire and that only adults should handle things like matches, lighters and candles.


Choose an escape route


  • Choose the easiest way to leave the house in case of a fire and make sure everyone in your family knows it.
  • Keep this exit clear at all times. If there’s any locked doors make sure everyone knows where the keys are kept.
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